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Red Boats' Regulations

Rooms/chalets in the Czerwona Łódka resort are rented by the owner, hereinafter referred to as the landlord, to customers hereinafter referred to as the Guests.

1. Reservation of cottages or rooms is made only after paying a deposit of 40% of the amount due for the whole stay to the bank account below:
Czerwona Łódka Agnieszka Zawi¶lak
PKO BP 92 1020 4753 0000 0402 0149 9169

2. The initial reservation expires if the deposit is not credited to the designated bank account within the specified period.

3. Resignation from the holiday period (July-August) is possible 60 days before the planned arrival. Resignation from the stay outside the holiday period is possible 30 days before the planned arrival.
*In case of cancellation of the service within 60/30 days before the planned arrival, handling costs of 200zl will be deducted.
In case of cancellation less than 60 / 30 days before the scheduled arrival, the amount paid on account of the reservation is not refundable.

4. The reservation paid in the form of a deposit expires if the Guests do not arrive at the agreed time, or if the remaining part of the rental amount is not paid. In such a case, the deposit paid is included in the costs related to the booking of the facility and is not refundable.

5. Check-in starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. Accommodation of the Guests takes place until 8 p.m. Later accommodation is possible by prior arrangement.

6. Unconfirmed by the landlord staying in the Centre after 10.00 a.m. (on the last day of the stay) results in the need to pay for the next day and does not guarantee the possibility of extending the stay.

7. The resort reserves the right to refuse accommodation to persons:
-under the visible influence of alcohol or drugs,
-who behave aggressively, in a manner generally regarded as vulgar.

8. The fee for the stay is collected on the day of arrival at the latest in cash or earlier by bank transfer to the account indicated by the Landlord. Only the confirmation of payment of the total amount due for the stay or confirmation of payment of the deposit, and payment of the remaining part of the rental amount before the keys are handed over, entitles to stay in the resort.

9. In the case of an earlier departure or later arrival than at the date booked by you, the fee for the entire stay does not change.

10. The tourist tax is charged on the first day of reporting the stay for the whole period in advance and amounts to 2 PLN /day/person.

11. When handing over the keys, a returnable deposit of PLN 500 (for each transferred house/room) is charged in case of damage not resulting from normal use. The deposit will be returned on the day of departure if nothing is damaged and the received items for use remain in technical condition and clean as before the lease or within three working days to the bank account number indicated by the guest.

12. Guests are obliged to leave the property in the same condition as they received before the rental. In particular, leaving washed dishes and kitchen utensils, taking away the garbage. Otherwise, the fee for cleaning the house/room is 100 PLN.

13. In case of losing the key to the room or the cottage, a fee of PLN 50 is charged.

14. The number of people specified in the description of the facility is the maximum number. A stay in the facility of more people than specified in the description of the cottage/room must be preceded by the owner's consent.

15. The Guest may not transfer the room/room to other persons without prior arrangement with the owner of the facility. It is also forbidden to move or move furniture, change dishes and other equipment.

16. You must not move or change the furnishings of the rooms or their arrangement without notice and the Landlord's consent.

17. You must not take towels, blankets or other equipment out of the room.

18. Third parties may stay in the premises from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm and only with the consent of the Landlord.

19. Night silence is valid from 22.00-7.00.

20. The facility may refuse to provide further services to persons hindering the rest of the guests, violating the order and rules of the regulations during their stay in the facility, and may demand immediate departure from the guesthouse without refund. paid for the stay.

21. Guests using the facility are obliged to observe all safety rules, including fire safety rules, and are responsible for any damage caused to the facility during their stay. The guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices caused by him/her. Each guest is responsible for any damage caused by children in his care and persons who have entered the facility.

22. Due to the requirements of fire protection, it is not allowed to use any electric devices or apparatuses in the rooms of the guesthouse. It is prohibited to light the barbecue/fire outside the designated areas and to use pyrotechnics, luck lanterns, firecrackers, etc,

23. Smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms and cottages. In case of breaking this ban, a fee of 200 PLN will be charged to eliminate the smell of tobacco.

24. Please keep the kitchen clean, everyone is obliged to wash dishes after themselves.

25. There is an obligation to segregate waste in the centre. If you do not comply, you will be charged an additional fee of 100 PLN related to the increased fee for waste collection imposed on the owner of the facility.

26. Please report your arrival with animals when booking a room/house.

27. Children are allowed to stay in the garden / playground only under adult supervision,

28. The landlord is obliged to respond without undue delay to remarks and reservations concerning the level of service, functioning of equipment, cleanliness and order in the facility. Please report your comments and objections to the landlord.

29. The guests are obliged to immediately inform the landlord or an authorized person who will remove the defect as soon as possible, excluding holidays after which the defect will be immediately removed. Defects do not affect the agreed price of the stay or are not the basis for reducing the price for the stay.

30. Any technical faults should be reported to the owner of the facility or authorized person during the stay as soon as they are noticed.

31. The resort is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by reasons beyond its control, such as interruption of electricity or water supply, or lack of TV or wi-fi signal, etc.

32. Entry and parking is allowed only with the consent of the owner of the resort in the place designated for this purpose. Parking is unguarded and the owner of the resort is not responsible for vehicles parked on its premises and for any damage caused by third parties or force majeure (wind, storm, water, fire, electricity, etc.). Parking is free of charge only for clients of the resort during their stay. There is one parking space per house/room.

33. The Landlord, upon prior arrangement, makes the garage available for the guests' own equipment, e.g. bicycles, but is not responsible for their safety.

34. The Lessor shall not be liable for any valuables and money left in the cottages/rooms or other places in the Centre.

We wish you a pleasent stay in our resort.

Rental of cottages/rooms during the summer season (July - August) is made weekly from Saturday to Saturday. Outside the summer season, dates and times can be set individually.


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Did you know...

Kozin is located on the Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes in the picturesque surroundings of Lake Jagodne, Lake Boczne and Lake Niegocin.

We offer double, triple and quadruple rooms, each with its own bathroom and balcony. There is a shared kitchenette at the guests' disposal.

We also offer you 3 comfortable, all-year brick houses with fireplaces, each designed for 4-6 people.

On the fenced plot of the Czerwona Łódka resort there are roofed picnic tables, barbecues, a place for a bonfire and a playground.

Directly at the plot (30 m) there is a descent to the lake (commune). The Czerwona Łódka resort is open all year round.